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Tutorial – Create A Facebook Timeline Cover With Instagram Photos

Facebook buying the photo-sharing app Instagram is currently the hottest story in technology news – So what better time for a tutorial that combines both?
Most of you will now be familiar with Facebook’s timeline, including the cool cover photo, which allows you to really show-off your profile page – Well now thanks to InstaCover, you can display a collage of Instagram photos as your Facebook cover photo. You can either use photos from your own Instagram account or alternatively choose to use photos by a specific user – You can also create a collage from photos in a particular category or from defined tags.
Let’s get started:
Step 1) In your web browser go to the InstaCover website.
Step 2) Sign in with your Facebook Account.
Step 3) Once you have gone through the signing-in process, you will see a screen similar to the one below.
Step 4) From the menu, you will first need to choose your Target Photos – You can select All (which displays a selection of Instagram photos) – User ID will show photos of a certain user (whether it be you or those of another Instagram user) – of course you will need to put the relevant ID in – You can also choose to select photos by Category or by Tags. For this tutorial, I will choose to create an InstaCover with the San Francisco tag.
Step 5) Next from the menu, you can choose the order of the photos – There are 3 options here: New, Popular and Random. For my San Francisco cover, I decided on Popular.
Step 6) Following on from Order in the menu is Layout – Here you will find selections which will determine the size of the photos displayed – These range from Small to Large and there are also 2 Custom options – For this tutorial I selected Large
Step 7) Rounded and Spacing are the next 2 options in the menu and are self-explanatory – I personally prefer to have no spacing between my photos.
Step 8) Is the Text option – you can add text here to be displayed on your collage and change the size and colour of it.
Step 9) The last selection in the menu is Option – You can choose here whether to display the date and / or number of likes on Instagram a photo has received.
Step 10) Once you have decided on the criteria for your InstaCover, you can hit the Preview button. To preview the image full size, click on the actual image that you have just created.
Step 11) If you are happy with the results, hit the Save to album on Facebook button. Once saved, you can hit the Go To Facebook button, preview your image again and choose to make it your Facebook timeline cover photo.