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The Lean, Green, Music Machine – Spotify For iPad Is Here

The wait is finally over, the world’s coolest music streaming service Spotify finally has a native iPad app – Was the wait worth while? Hell yeah, as the app comes packing Retina graphics, a unique tablet-centric design and AirPlay integration.

Below are screen-shots of what has already become one of my favourite iPad apps.






The Ultimate In Apple Geek – Our iMac iPhone Case Has Arrived

A month or so ago, I posted news on a collection of fantastic retro Apple iPhone cases, being designed by Schreer Delights – As I said at the time, my personal favourite was one based on the original colourful iMac. Such was the buzz generated by these cases, the company had to suspend taking orders for them.
A couple of weeks ago Schreer Delights once again opened up ordering (during a 3 day window), to those that had registered an interest and we at Appleissimo were ready with our credit-cards at hand.
Well yesterday we received our first one and it’s even cooler than we could have imagined. As you can see from the photos, it’s one inspired by the seminal bondi-blue iMac. We have already received admiring looks down at the pub, with one cheeky chap offering us £50 to sell – As you can imagine, we politely refused.
We look forward to receiving more of these beauties, but in the meantime Kudos to Schreer Delights for the seamless ordering process and the fast Trans-Atlantic shipping.

Spotify Announces 13 New Third-Party Apps

Some great new additions here to the Spotify App collection including offerings from Warner, Def Jam and Domino – We at Appleissimo are big fans of the existing apps especially those from Last FM, Top10 and ShareMyPlaylists and can’t wait to check these new ones out.

Here is the full press release:

Spotify launches next generation of music apps

Today Spotify is proud to present the latest, greatest batch of hot new apps – set to take your music enjoyment to a whole new level.

A total of 12 fantastic new apps, brought to you from record labels and distributors including Universal, Sony, Warner, EMI, Def Jam, Domino, Matador, [PIAS] and X5, are being unveiled today.

Want to check out complete album booklets in Spotify? Personalise playlists based on your Facebook likes? Delve more deeply into the history of legendary artists? Listen to the most popular Spotify songs on Twitter? All this and much, much more is coming to Spotify…

Incoming Spotify Apps include:

Classify: Classify opens Spotify’s doors to the world of classical music. Browse by composers, eras, moods, instruments or genres. A vast library of classical music is now intelligently organised for your listening pleasure.

The Complete Collection: Browse rich images, lyrics, and liner notes to learn more about iconic artists while listening to their music. Always wanted to know who wrote that Eminem song? Looking for the producer of your favourite beat? Use The Complete Collection to immerse yourself in music history while listening to legends you love! Subscribe to your favourite artists to learn more about their music. With the Complete Collection, you won’t miss a detail. 150 album booklets available at launch with many more coming soon.

Def Jam: For over 26 years, Def Jam Recordings has shaped culture and lifestyles by creating the very best in hip-hop, rap, R&B, and pop music. Def Jam’s new Spotify app will give you new experiences in music discovery and curation.

Digster: Digster has fresh playlists updated weekly. You can browse playlists by category, find playlists made by artists and match Digster playlists to your listening history and Facebook likes. When you find something you like you can play it in full screen mode. Perfect for a party or when you need to see what’s playing across the room while preparing dinner.

Domino: The Domino Spotify app is a discovery and listening destination for fans of Domino artists, the Domino label and the larger independent music community. Through the app, Domino leads the listener through its 20-year history by highlighting artist playlists, custom catalogue exclusives and commentary from their friends and neighbours in the world of indie.

Filtr: Filtr is a playlist app, which allows you to build playlists based on the music tastes of your Facebook friends, people who’ve accepted invitations to Facebook events, music genres, your Spotify playlists and favourite artists. On top of generating awesome playlists, Filtr also recommends existing and live updated editorial playlists based on what you like.

Hot or Not: Hot or not? You decide. Cast your vote on one of the two songs in the battle, either based on what you think is the most popular or what you wish to make popular. You’ll be rewarded with points and can earn badges as well as track your progress. Your voting will also contribute to the ‘Taste Maker’ top list based on users with the highest points score.

The Legacy Of: A visual feast. Dig deeper into some of the world’s most acclaimed artists with hi-res photos, curated playlists, handpicked albums, biographies and more. Delve into the catalogue of artists like Bob Dylan, Miles Davis, Daryl Hall & John Oates and Stevie Ray Vaughan. New artists highlighted every week.

Matador Records: Matador’s app gives you the ultimate experience in new releases, tour dates, playlists and more. As well as keeping you clued up on Matador’s latest releases and tour dates, you can browse through the history of releases from Matador since 1992 – an interactive guide to music from the New York indie label.

[PIAS]: The [PIAS] app helps you discover the very best new albums and expertly curated playlists from the indie label. Updated weekly, you can now rely on trusted voices to introduce and recommend great music from both past and present.

TweetVine: TweetVine is a perfectly formed little app that listens to all the tweets on Twitter with the hashtag #NowPlaying and creates Spotify charts from the results! The idea was developed at a London Music Hack Day by brilliant coders Matt Larsen and Matt Schofield from Universal Music.

the warner sound: the warner sound features songs, albums, and playlists from Warner Music Group’s outstanding roster of artists including Green Day, Bruno Mars, Linkin Park, and Cee Lo Green, hot and emerging artists like Wiz Khalifa, Ed Sheeran, Kimbra, Birdy, and Fun, as well as legendary acts like The Doors, Grateful Dead, and Aretha Franklin. Additional features include genre-specific playlists, album of the day, family tree (where current artists are traced back to the classic roots), and artist-curated playlists from today’s hottest acts.

Sten Garmark, Director of Platform at Spotify, says: “This is going to take music enjoyment to a whole new level. These Spotify Apps offer something for everyone, from ways to discover music both old and new, to amazing imagery and apps simply there to entertain!”

He adds: “The potential for Spotify Apps is just massive and we can’t wait to see what people are going to blow us away with next.”


Sparrow Mail Flies Onto The iPhone

Sparrow Mail which is extremely popular with Mac users, is now available for iPhone – I personally love the Mac version and can’t wait to test it out on the iPhone.

Click on the link to download Sparrow now:


Video Of The New iPad Event – San Francisco 07/03/2012

Watch the new iPad being launched by clicking on the link below.

To read about the new features, click on this second link


The Apple Store In Amsterdam Opens And It’s Magnificent!

The Netherlands finally has it’s first Apple store – Jack Amick took these stunning photos from the grand opening in Amsterdam on Saturday.


Lytro – The Camera Just Got Smart And Sexy

We at Appleissimo HQ are aficionados of great design, hence why we love Apple products so much and believe Jony Ive is a god-like genius – However we are not so blinkered to not appreciate exquisite design from other companies.

Step forward Lytro and their gorgeous light-field camera which has just been released to the world. The camera is jaw-droppingly beautiful, so much so that you could mistake it for a product created in Cupertino.

But what is Lytro all about?

Unlike a conventional camera that only captures a single plane of light, this Lytro camera will capture the entire light field – that is all the light, travelling in every direction, in every point in space! Impressive eh?!

By just pressing a single button, Lytro captures everything instantly and here comes the really cool bit – You can then focus your photos after they are taken – Focusing post-photo means no auto-focus motor, which in turn means no shutter delay – With Lytro you can capture the exact moment you wanted to, not the one a shutter-delayed camera captured for you. Lytro enables you to refocus your snaps at anytime.

We live in a sharing age and Lytro want their camera to be the most social on the market – Therefore they have made sharing your snaps to Facebook and Twitter easy from your desktop and from

Check-out the gallery below and drool at this gorgeous work of art.


Readability Arrives On iOS – First Impressions And Screenshots

Readability finally has a native app for iOS users and it’s extremely polished.

Now I hear some of you saying, what is Readability?

Readability is a web and now mobile app, that allows you to save content that you have seen on the web to read later, at the same time stripping away all of those annoying adverts found on webpages – The result is an optimal, streamlined reading experience, where you can enjoy articles without all the distracting noise in the background

To use the app on the iPhone / iPad, you will need a Readability account – Thankfully this is really easy to set-up from within the app, by just choosing a user name, password and providing the service with an email address. If you already use Readability, just enter your credentials and your previously saved articles will start downloading.

New users of the service will benefit from the welcome article which awaits as you first sign-in, which explains how the app works and various tips to enhance your user experience.

Now how do you get content into your Readability account?

There are a number of ways: you can browse the web from within the app, if you see an article you like, just click save and read it through Readability’s elegant clean interface.

Readability is is also integrated with popular iOS apps such as the fantastic Twitter Client Tweetbot – This is another way to import content into your Readability reading list – Just input your Readability user name and password into the Tweetbot app (found in settings) and your good to go – Now when you see a link to a web article in your Twitter feed that you would like to read later, just tap on the sharing icon and save it to Readability.

How does the app look?

In a word gorgeous, everything about the app is aesthetically pleasing and cool in a minimalistic way. Fonts are beautifully crafted by Hoefler & Frere-Jones and you have options of different text sizes and day or night backgrounds.

Readability is a great service, one which makes reading articles on the web a more pleasurable experience, due to the removal of all those irritating ads and this app compliments the service beautifully – Go download it now, you won’t be disappointed and best of all, it’s free.


Photoshop Touch For iPad Now Available In The App Store

One of the year’s most enthusiastically awaited apps, Photoshop Touch for iPad is now available in The App Store (£6.99). With the app, you’ll be able to create unique images, using some of Photoshop’s popular features including: filters, layers, adjustments and selection tools. One new feature of this iPad version is Camera Fill – This feature gives iPad 2 owners the opportunity to use the camera on their devices to fill in layers.

Photoshop Touch deserves a studied app review, I hope to get one onto the site after testing it for a few days.


All Of Apple’s 84 TV Commercials For The iPhone In One Place

This is geektastic – Adweek have created a collection of every iPhone ad campaign to date, with the story behind them. They are all here, starting with ‘Hello’, which was the first commercial aired back in 2007.

Sit back and enjoy the memories: