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April 22, 2012

iPad / iPhone App Review – Groove 2 (Zikera)

by Colin Jones

All of us have been there, we open up our iTunes library on our iPhone or iPad and can’t decide on what to listen to. When this happens, invariably we end up listening to the same albums and playlists over and over again.

Groove 2 aims to change all of this, by reintroducing us to our entire music libraries – A grand intention I hear you say, but how can an app do this? Well let me explain.

Groove studies your listening habits and creates a wide variety of playlists accordingly, with emphasis on tracks from your favourite artists that you haven’t listened to recently. It doesn’t stop there though, the app is full of wonderful ways to listen to and rediscover our music.

If you choose the Three of a Kind playlist generator, the app will smartly create a playlist with 3 tracks in a row from artists in your library.

The Groovy Mix is another great feature, when selected the app will select a collection of music based on one artist from your library – This will be songs from the actual artist and tracks from other artists that the app considers to be similar in style.

The app also has a feature called ‘Better Together’ – When you tap on it, a playlist of music by 2 similar bands will be created – For example, from my library, it paired up Radiohead with The Smiths.

I highly recommend Groove 2 for music lovers, it has a gorgeous UI and is a great way to rediscover your complete iTunes library.

Below are screenshots of the iPad version.


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