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April 4, 2012

iPad Photoshop Touch Tutorial #4 – Painting With Effects

by Colin Jones
These Photoshop Touch tutorials for iPad are proving to be extremely popular and we are hoping they are helping you all gain more confidence using this fantastic app. In this 4th one, we will look at Painting With Effects, specifically taking an image, making part of it black and white and then saturating with colour the focal part of the image.
Let’s get started:
Step 1) Choose to Begin A Project and choose an image to work with. For this tutorial we have chosen a photo of an iPhone’s back with a cool cover on it. As you all will be able to see, there is a lot of unwanted colour around the iPhone – We want to lessen the impact of this colour by painting it to black and white – Turning the background monochrome, will make the focal part of the image (in this case the iPhone) stand-out more.
Step 2) From the left-hand side menu, select the Paint tool (it has a brush icon). Now tap Mode and from the drop-down that appears, choose Effect and then Black and White from the pop-up menu.
Step 3) Tap on brush and select the size you wish to work with – For this tutorial I used sizes ranging fom 20-80%.
Step 4) Now paint everything apart from your focal image – As you start painting, you will see the background changing to black and white. Don’t be afraid to pinch and zoom on the image to improve the accuracy of the painting – Reducing the brush size will also enable you to be more accurate around the edges of the focal image.
Step 5) Now change the painting effect from Black and White to Saturation – Increase the opacity to 100% – Start painting the main part of your image (in our case the iPhone) and you will start to see the colours become more vivid – Again be prepared to pinch to zoom on the image to improve your stroke accuracy.
Step 6) Once you are satisfied with your image, tap the back arrow at the top of the interface and Save.
Mastering the Painting tool used in this tutorial, will greatly enhance your experience with Photoshop Touch and enable you to create great-looking, unique images.

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