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March 22, 2012

Mac iPhoto Tutorial – How To Create A New Library

by Colin Jones

iPhoto is my favourite Mac app as I love taking and then editing photos – iPhoto does a great job of keeping all my photos organised, but the app does start to suffer if you have a large number of photos in your library. There are numerous symptoms that warn your library is getting just too big to work effectively – It may take a long time to open-up, scrolling through photos may become jerky and the app itself may regularly crash.

Don’t worry, there is a fix to the problems outlined above and it’s as simple as creating a new iPhoto library. There is no restriction on the number of iPhoto libraries you can have, so for instance, you could create new libraries for specific events. Making multiple libraries will help the app run smoother and take some of the pressure off your main iPhoto library.

So how do we create a new library?

Step 1) Make sure iPhoto is not running – You will not be able to create a new library if it is.

Step 2) Hold down the Alt key on your keyboard and double click on the iPhoto icon either in the Applications folder or from the dock. Keep the Alt key pressed down and a new screen will appear.

Step 3) A pop-up will appear showing your current library and giving you the option to create a new one. Click on the Create New button.

Step 4) You will now get the option to give your new library a name and be asked where you want to place it – The Pictures folder will be a good option.

That’s it, you have created a new iPhoto library!

To load the new library from now on, you will need to repeat steps two and three and choose your newly created library from the list. As a rule, iPhoto will always open the last library you were working in.

Having smaller libraries will make your iPhoto experience snappier and your photos easier to navigate.


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