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March 19, 2012

iPad Photoshop Touch Tutorial – How To Add A Gradient And Text To An Image

by Colin Jones

Photoshop Touch is one of the most powerful photo-manipulation tools available for the iPad – Such is the wealth of features it offers, first-time users may find the user interface quite daunting and struggle to get to grips with how the app works.

Sure the app itself features tutorials, but some of these can be hard to follow, so being the friendly bunch we are, we wanted to simplify the learning curve and bring to you a series of quick and easy to learn tutorials.

In this 1st tutorial, we will learn how to add a Gradient with Text to an image.

Step 1)

From the app’s home page, tap-on Begin a Project.

Step 2)

Choose an image you want to work with.

Step 3)

Once you have an image selected, – Tap on the + icon on the right-hand side of the screen – A pop-up box will appear, tap-on Empty Layer.

Step 4)

On the left-hand side of the user interface, choose the Marque tool – Click on add and choose a section of the image where you wish to add a gradient – In this tutorial we have drawn a rectangular shape with the Marque tool at the bottom of the image.

Step 5) At the top of the screen now tap-on the & icon – From the pop-up that appears, choose Add Gradient. For this tutorial we decided on the blue and gold gradient.

Step 6) The gradient we decided on, is slightly harsh, so we need to change the opacity of it – We do this by clicking on the icon on the right-hand side of the screen which looks like 2 pieces of paper (next to the + icon) Once you have altered the opacity,  it’s time to add text.

Step 7) Tap-on the & icon again at the top of the screen and select Add Text – From the text box that appears, you have full control of how your text looks, with different fonts and colours available. Once you have your text, drag-it down to the area where we added the Gradient.

Step 8) Now at the top of the screen, select the back arrow and tap on Save Project.

There you have it, you now know how to add a Gradient and Text to one of your images in Photoshop Touch.


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