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March 12, 2012

Mac App Review – BeHealthy (Wunderkopf) Free

by Colin Jones

We all love our Macs – So much so that it’s often a struggle to pull-ourselves away from them, such is the integral role they play in our lives, in helping us be more creative and productive. However it is important that we do find time to do so, as staring at any computer screen for long periods of time, can cause quite severe strain on our eyes, not to mention headaches and migraines.

This is where BeHealthy comes in, with it’s aim to remind you to take regular breaks away from staring at your Mac.

BeHealthy is free in The Mac App Store and is well worth a download.

Once installed, BeHealthy sits in your menu-bar – From here you can change the preferences for your work and break schedule – For example, you can choose a period of time to work for, let’s say 1 hour – Then you choose a break duration, let’s say 15 minutes – Once selected you can minimise the app.

How does it work?

Once you have been working for your selected duration, your screen will go white and a pop-up will appear, encouraging you to take a break. The pop-up will remind you how long you have away from your computer before going back to work (based on the break duration you selected) – If you are in the middle of something and not quite ready to take a break, you can choose to postpone your break by 1 minute intervals. You also have the option to extend your break or postpone it altogether.

Once your break is over, a notification sound will play, your screen will become bright again and you’ll be prompted to resume work. In between breaks, you can click-on the eye icon in the menu-bar at any time to see how long is remaining until your next break.

BeHealthy is a great little app, which will lessen the strain on your eyes and remind you that it’s always important to take regular breaks away from your Mac.


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