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March 8, 2012

10 Lesser Known iPhone / iPad Features

by Colin Jones

iPhones and iPads are easy to use, this is the beauty of iOS, the operating system which powers them – Despite this emphasis on being user-friendly, some features may be lost to many, if they don’t explore the settings on their device.

Today we at Appleissimo, want to share with you 10 lesser-known features of iOS 5 that many will not know about – Using these tips, will enhance the user experience, helping you gain more enjoyment from your favourite iDevice.

1) Accented Letters

When typing, hold down on a letter with your finger to bring-up a pop-up with accented letters – Slide your finger over to the letter you need, perfect for sending that email in Spanish!

2) Switch On LED Notifications

The only thing I miss about my old Blackberry Bold, is the LED indicator letting me know I had received a text or email – Well did you know on your iPhone you can have something similar? Head to Settings on your iPhone, tap on General, then Accessibility and turn LED flash On.

3) Dictionary

Tap and hold on any word in one of Apple’s native apps and a pop-up will appear – From here you can choose Define, which will bring up a Dictionary, giving you a full definition.

4) Custom Vibrations

Choose a custom vibration for contacts, so you can tell who’s calling without looking at your iPhone.

First of all go to Settings on your iPhone – Select General, then Accesibility and enable Custom Vibrations.

Now go to Contacts and choose one to create a custom vibration for – Tap edit and scroll-down until you see the Vibration option and select it – Now scroll down and select Create New Vibration.

A blank screen will appear with buttons for Play and Stop – Tap on the screen to create a vibration pattern – Once you are happy with what you have created, tap on Save, give it a name and this will be allocated to that particular contact.

5) Take Photos With The iPhone’s Headphones

Yes you read that correctly – If your headphones are connected to your iPhone, you can use the volume control on them to snap photos – You don’t even need to be holding your phone to take a photo, how cool is that?

6) Gestures

This one is iPad only – If you are in an app, place 5 fingers on the screen and pinch them together to quickly return to the home screen – That’s more impressive than just pressing the Home button eh?

7) Add Twitter Info To Contacts

If you have contacts that are also on Twitter, you are going to love this nifty tip – Go to a contact, press Edit and add their Twitter name – Now you can message them on Twitter from within Contacts or view their entire feed.

8) Text Tones

Sick of the boring default text tones? iOS 5 enables you to set customised text message tones

Buy any ringtone from the iTunes store – Now you can either add it as a text tone in Sounds or you can head to Contacts, and assign it to whoever you like – Now you know when your partner is texting you without even looking at your phone.

9) Auto Focus – Auto Exposure Lock

Have you tried to take a photo on your iPhone, only to be irritated by the camera constantly refocusing? To stop it happening you can lock Focus and Exposure at a certain point – When taking a photo, tap and hold onto the screen, after a few seconds, a lock message will appear for AF/AE – Job done!

10) Text Shortcuts

We all want to type faster….right? Well get working with cool text shortcuts – Go to Settings, Keyboard, Shortcuts – Here you can create shortcuts for your most used words or phrases – For example if you often say in your texts ‘I’m on my way home”, you can set a shortcut perhaps of OWH – Now every time you type OWH in texts, your phone will recognise it’s a shortcut and autofill with the phrase ‘I’m on my way home’. Simple to set-up and time-saving, what’s not to like eh?


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