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March 5, 2012

iPhoto Tutorial – Creating And Sharing Slideshows

by Colin Jones

In this tutorial we will be explaining how to create and share iPhoto slideshows. Everybody loves sharing photos, but it’s even better when you can group together a bunch of snaps, add text to them, a little music and finish off the experience by sharing with family and friends – Fortunately Mac users can do all of this from within iPhoto – Read on and find out how:

Stage 1: Choose your photos – If you want to select multiple images in one go, use the Shift / Command key. Once you have all your photos selected, click on Create.

Stage 2:

Now click on Slideshow – You will be given the chance to name your project in the left-hand sidebar – The name you give your project will be displayed in the opening text of the slideshow.

Stage 3: Thumbnails of your photos will appear at the top of the window – If you are not happy with the order they are displayed in, you can change, by simply dragging and dropping into the order you wish your snaps to appear.

Stage 4: At the bottom of the window you will see the Themes button – Pick one that will go with your photos and click Choose.

Stage 5: Click on the Music button – From here you can choose to play the music that comes with the theme during the slideshow or you can select a song from your iTunes library.

Stage 6: Clicking on the Settings button will give you even more options – For example, you can choose the duration of each slide or select fit Slideshow to music – This will make the slides play for as long as the music plays – The choice is yours – By clicking on the Text Slide button, you will be able to add text to any of your slides.

Stage 7: Click on Preview to see how your Slideshow looks – Once you are happy with your project, click the Export button and choose from the size preferences.

Now how straightforward was this tutorial? Slideshows enable you to get more enjoyment from your photos, whether they be holiday snaps or memories of a night-out – Enjoy!


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