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March 3, 2012

iPhone Tutorial – Use Your 3G Signal To Connect Your Laptop Or iPad To The Internet

by Colin Jones

Have you ever been frustrated at being out in public and not being able to get online through your laptop due to the lack of wifi?
Well in this quick tutorial, I will explain how you can use the 3G signal on your iPhone to set up Personal Hotspot, which in turn will allow you to browse the internet on either your laptop or wifi only iPad when you are out and about.

Stage 1) First of all head to Settings on your iPhone, tap on Personal Hotspot, turn it on by tapping on the tab.

Stage 2) Turn on wifi (if not already on) and you will see a randomly generated password. This password will need to be used on your other device to connect it to the internet, using your iPhone’s 3G signal. If you are not happy with the password, you can change it to one that suits you better.

You can also connect to the internet other ways, either by Bluetooth or a USB connection. When you turn Personal Hotspot on, you will be asked which of the 3 methods you wish to use. For this tutorial we will set up the Personal Hotspot via wifi.

Stage 3) With Hotspot turned on, go to the wifi settings on your laptop or wifi only iPad, find your iPhone in the list and enter the password from Stage 2.

Stage 4) If you have connected correctly, a blue line will appear at the top of your iPhone, telling you there is a Personal Hotspot connection. Now you can start browsing the web on your other device.

Remember that the quality of the connection will be dependent on the strength of the 3G signal on your iPhone.


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