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March 2, 2012

Lytro – The Camera Just Got Smart And Sexy

by Colin Jones

We at Appleissimo HQ are aficionados of great design, hence why we love Apple products so much and believe Jony Ive is a god-like genius – However we are not so blinkered to not appreciate exquisite design from other companies.

Step forward Lytro and their gorgeous light-field camera which has just been released to the world. The camera is jaw-droppingly beautiful, so much so that you could mistake it for a product created in Cupertino.

But what is Lytro all about?

Unlike a conventional camera that only captures a single plane of light, this Lytro camera will capture the entire light field – that is all the light, travelling in every direction, in every point in space! Impressive eh?!

By just pressing a single button, Lytro captures everything instantly and here comes the really cool bit – You can then focus your photos after they are taken – Focusing post-photo means no auto-focus motor, which in turn means no shutter delay – With Lytro you can capture the exact moment you wanted to, not the one a shutter-delayed camera captured for you. Lytro enables you to refocus your snaps at anytime.

We live in a sharing age and Lytro want their camera to be the most social on the market – Therefore they have made sharing your snaps to Facebook and Twitter easy from your desktop and from

Check-out the gallery below and drool at this gorgeous work of art.


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