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March 1, 2012

Readability Arrives On iOS – First Impressions And Screenshots

by Colin Jones

Readability finally has a native app for iOS users and it’s extremely polished.

Now I hear some of you saying, what is Readability?

Readability is a web and now mobile app, that allows you to save content that you have seen on the web to read later, at the same time stripping away all of those annoying adverts found on webpages – The result is an optimal, streamlined reading experience, where you can enjoy articles without all the distracting noise in the background

To use the app on the iPhone / iPad, you will need a Readability account – Thankfully this is really easy to set-up from within the app, by just choosing a user name, password and providing the service with an email address. If you already use Readability, just enter your credentials and your previously saved articles will start downloading.

New users of the service will benefit from the welcome article which awaits as you first sign-in, which explains how the app works and various tips to enhance your user experience.

Now how do you get content into your Readability account?

There are a number of ways: you can browse the web from within the app, if you see an article you like, just click save and read it through Readability’s elegant clean interface.

Readability is is also integrated with popular iOS apps such as the fantastic Twitter Client Tweetbot – This is another way to import content into your Readability reading list – Just input your Readability user name and password into the Tweetbot app (found in settings) and your good to go – Now when you see a link to a web article in your Twitter feed that you would like to read later, just tap on the sharing icon and save it to Readability.

How does the app look?

In a word gorgeous, everything about the app is aesthetically pleasing and cool in a minimalistic way. Fonts are beautifully crafted by Hoefler & Frere-Jones and you have options of different text sizes and day or night backgrounds.

Readability is a great service, one which makes reading articles on the web a more pleasurable experience, due to the removal of all those irritating ads and this app compliments the service beautifully – Go download it now, you won’t be disappointed and best of all, it’s free.


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