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February 27, 2012

iPhoto Tutorial – Geotagging Photos And How To Create Smart Albums

by Colin Jones

iPhoto is the jewel in iLife’s crown and Places is one of it’s coolest features. Places uses geotagging to display your photos by location on a map of the world.

Geotagging is a feature that tags photos at the location in which they were shot. The iPhone and most modern cameras have this feature built-in – However if you using an older camera, the likelihood is that you will need to add this data manually, to take advantage of Places.

This quick tutorial will show you how to geotag photos and how to create Smart Albums in iPhoto based on location.

Stage 1: If photos have not been geotagged, you can do this manually by clicking on the info pane when viewing a photo. Now in the box with the small globe icon, type the location where the photo was taken – Once the location has been found and selected, iPhoto will drop a pin onto it.

Stage 2: Now click on Places in the left sidebar – displayed will be a map of the world, with pins for every location where you’ve taken a photo.

You will need to repeat Stage 1 until all of your photos are geotagged.

Now lets make a Smart Album by location.

Stage 1: Click on Places – choose from one of the pins the location you wish to create a Smart Album for.

Stage 2: Now click on the Smart Album icon which can be found in the bottom-right of the window. A Smart Album will be created for the location you selected and placed in the left sidebar.

Stage 3: Select the album to view the recently created collection and to view all photos taken in that location.

Now this album has been created, all future photos imported to your iPhoto library geotagged with the same location, will be automatically added to it.

Stage 4 (optional): To change your Smart Album, you will need to ctrl + click on it and then click on Edit Smart Album. Here you can change the album’s title if you want and update the rules which decide what content it’s populated with. By clicking on the plus button you can add a new rule, which can be anything from the date a photo was taken, to the camera it was taken with.



Hopefully by working through this tutorial, you will master Places, an important and fun feature in iPhoto.


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