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February 18, 2012

iCloud Tutorial – How To Free Up Valuable Space

by Colin Jones

Have you already had the dreaded iCloud warning that your free 5GB of storage space is nearly full? I know I have, but fear not, a little bit of spring cleaning and I’m pretty sure that you’ll be able to free some space up.

5GB is quite a lot of storage, but it can fill-up quickly if you don’t clean your account up on a regular basis. Backups and mail, are usually 2 of the main culprits in taking-up valuable space.

Follow these simple tips to free-up some iCloud storage space.

Fire-up System Preferences and click-on iCloud. Here you will see how much space you have available and the Manage button.

First of all have a look at your back-ups, these really do use-up significant space in your iCloud account – Select any you no longer need and delete.

Now check out your iCloud mail account, to do this you’ll need to head over to – Pay attention here to your Trash folder and permanently delete those unwanted messages – Deleting mail from your Sent folder, will also free-up valuable iCloud space.

Together with these tips, you may also want to turn-off PhotoStream in your iCloud preferences, which is another application which uses a large amount of storage space.

If after following these tips, you are still struggling for space, you may well need to look at upgrading and paying for an account that comes with more storage.


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