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February 16, 2012

Tesco Offering “Unlimited” Broadband For Only £2.50 A Month

by Colin Jones

Tesco has slashed the cost of their unlimited broadband to only £2.50 a month, which works out at less than 9p a day. The only catch to this great offer, is that it’s only open to members of the retailer’s Clubcard loyalty scheme.

Tesco currently has 16 million Clubcard users – If customers take advantage of this offer, they will pay a total of £16.25 a month, £2.50 for the broadband and £13.75 line rental, which includes free evening and weekend calls. Tesco said customers who sign up to its broadband package, will get triple Clubcard points, which works out at 3 for every £1 spent.

According to Tesco, their offer which is available until 31 May 2012, is the cheapest unlimited broadband deal on the market. Customers can either choose a 30-day rolling contract (which includes a £40 set-up fee) or a 12-month contract (without the set-up fee). The price of the package goes up to £6.50 a month after one year.

Tesco will be offering speeds of 20Mbps, which matches those by other providers such as Orange, BT and Sky.

Tesco’s package is subject to a fair usage policy, meaning that if customers download more than 100GB worth of data a month on a regular basis, it will warn them or add extra charges – This could be a deal-breaker for heavy users, as Sky for example, has no fair usage cap.


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