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February 16, 2012

Bitesize Mac Tutorial – 10 Tips And Tricks For Safari

by Colin Jones

Google Chrome is now the default browser on my MacBook Pro, but I always return to Safari when I want a more secure Internet experience, for example when doing my banking or shopping online.

Despite my current preference for Chrome, which is mainly due to it’s speed, Safari is still a great browser and preferred by the majority of Mac users. Apple’s browser has a lot of features tucked away, which are only discovered by studying the preferences, something a lot of users don’t do.

In this bite-size tutorial, I wanted to share with you 10 tips and tricks, for you to get even more from your favourite browser.

1) Quickly bookmark pages

There is no need to click on the Bookmarks tab to save a page, just click on the plus icon next to the website URL bar. A pop-up box will appear, allowing you to add a bookmark in seconds.

2) Private Browsing

If you have a shared computer and you are doing stuff online that you would rather others not see, for example buying your other-half a birthday present – Turn on Safari’s Private Browsing mode which can be found in the menu bar. This will ensure that your Internet session is private and that the history and cookies are not seen by anyone else.

3) Search For A Word Or A Phrase On A Webpage

Maybe you have done a Google search for Radiohead and have found a webpage with stacks of information, hitting Command and F will allow you to search for all mentions of Radiohead on the page fast. Of course this same process can be used for any word or phrase.

4) Full-Screen Browsing

If your Mac is running Lion, are you tired of pressing the icon at the top-right of the screen to go into full-screen mode ? Well try hitting Ctrl + Command + F for a faster way to enable this great function.

5) Create A Dashboard Widget From A Website

Dashboard is criminally neglected by a lot of Mac users, but I use it all the time. You can easily create a widget for your Dashboard from any website. Click on File, then Open in Dashboard – A box will appear, drag it to the area of the site which you would like to turn into a widget. Once done, it will appear with all the other widgets in your Dashboard.

6) Navigate By Swiping

Lion makes heavy use of gestures, it’s useful and enjoyable to learn a few. If you are using a modern Trackpad or Magic Mouse, swiping with 2 fingers left or right will take you either forward or back between webpages.

7) Zoom In On Photos

Another gesture to learn here – If you are using Safari within Lion, tapping with 2 fingers on any image will allow you to zoom in on it, zoom out by another 2 finger tap.

8) Pinch To Zoom

Again using a Trackpad or Magic Mouse, zoom in on any Webpage by a pinch-out gesture.

9) Quickly Send Pages To Others

If you are viewing a site which you think will be of interest to others, hitting Command + Shift + I will send a link to it via your preferred Email client.

10) Use Autofill

There is nothing more annoying than filling-in online forms with your personal information. Save yourself the hassle of having to do it over and over again, by using Safari’s Autofill option which can be found in Preferences.

There you go, 10 tips to enhance your Safari browsing experience.


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