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February 15, 2012

First Look At Clear For iPhone With Screenshots (RealMac Software) £0.69p

by Colin Jones

Clear is a new todo / list app from RealMac Software that exclusively utilises gestures, in the form of swipes, taps and pinches to get things done. It has the feel of a futuristic app where all needless buttons and icons have been removed, forcing the user to interact more personally with the app.

One example of this is the elimination of time and dates from your tasks. If one task is more important than others, you just put it to the top of the list. Colours play a big part here, with those at the top of the list more prominent (symbolising that a task is important), gradually fading as you move down your lists, to those tasks less urgent in priority.

As you will be able to see from the screenshots, Clear is pure unadulterated eye-candy and sets a new benchmark for how iPhone apps should look. There are 5 themes in the settings, all stylishly created – there is even a special surprise for Tweetbot users, one based on your favourite Twitter app.

At a special introductory price of only £0.69p, there is no reason not to download this impressive app. Clear with it’s fantastic looks and UI raises the bar in iPhone app design, and sets standards to which all developers should aspire.


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