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February 9, 2012

Mac App Review – CoverSutra (£2.99) – Your iTunes Made Sexy

by Colin Jones

CoverSutra is a gorgeous little app for Mac OS X. This desktop controller for iTunes will allow you to listen to, view and search for music in your library in a more elegant way.

The app sets out to liberate you from having to switch to iTunes to control your music. From within CoverSutra you can see the song that is currently playing, pause it, resume it, skip to another track or search for anything in your library. Together with this functionality, comes exquisite design and how this app looks, is one of it’s main selling points,

With CoverSutra the album art of what is currently playing will sit on your desktop and it looks awesome, far more attractive than how iTunes displays your music. You can customise how the album art looks by having it displayed within a CD case or by having my personal favourite, the vinyl record option. Whenever a song changes, you can set the app to display the title and album cover of the new song in the now playing bar. This is feature is pure eye-candy and you will fall in love with the smooth, beautiful transitions.

Searching for music in your library is easy and straightforward – people who are used to working with Spotlight or Alfred on their Mac, will be instantly familiar with how it works. Searches can be fine-tuned and you can search by artist, album, song or playlist.

Another great feature of this app are the global shortcuts, which basically allow you to set keyboard shortcuts for everything within CoverSutra. For example, I have set a shortcut of cmd + s to search and when I want to pause a track, I have set the shortcut to be alt and space. These shortcuts are quick and convenient and really add to the app’s functionality. Allowing you to scribble to is another nice touch.

Everything about this app is slick and well designed and if you are looking for a classier way to listen to your iTunes, you should definitely consider it.


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