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February 1, 2012

Mac App Review – Analog (Realmac Software) £4.99

by Colin Jones

Mac users – are you looking for a simple to use, fast and responsive app to easily edit photos on your computer? RealMacSoftware have set out to design such an app, it’s called Analog.

Analog is very similar to apps like Camera + and Instagram on the iPhone, in that it provides you with simple post-processing features – These include cropping and rotating, adding a filter and choosing a border.

How does it work?

First off, a massive well-done must go to the developers for designing such an elegant and easy to use interface. The design is so straightforward and intuitive, that you will literally be editing your photos in seconds – There is no steep learning curve with Analog, even novices will be able to get to grips with how it works in no time at all.

First up, you need to choose a photo – This can either be done by choosing from a file on your Mac and importing it, or by simply dragging and dropping an image.

Once you have your photo, you can use the tools for crop and rotate if required, before getting to the fun part, adding filters.

Analog has 23 filters which will alter how your photo will look – each filter has a slider option which is cool, as it gives you the option to increase or decrease the level of the effect applied by the filter.

Most of the filters look good, whether it be ones that convert your image to black and white, ones that give photos a vintage look or those that create Hipstamatic-esque lo-fi effects.

To preview a filter, all you need to do is tap on it – there is no need to worry here, as all of the filters are non-destructive, allowing the original image to remain unmarked by the changes you make.

Once you have a filter applied, you can add a border – Most are well-designed, just beware that some will crop your image which is disappointing.

Once you are happy with your photo, you can easily save it or share it to sites such as Facebook and Flickr.

In summary Analog achieves on all levels, it is easy to use, the filters are excellent and you can achieve impressive results with just a few clicks. Power users beware, Analog is not a replacement for apps such as Photoshop, that’s not what it’s about – this app is all about providing the user with easy to use tools, together with preset filters and borders.

Below are some examples of the app in action.

Kyoto – Dissolving Border

Bromide – Paper Border

Lomia – Screen Border

Lost and Found – Retro Square Border

Nikolai -Retro Border


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