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January 31, 2012

A Look At Netflix On The iPhone and iPad

by Colin Jones

Netflix, a movie and TV show internet streaming service finally launched in the UK a few weeks ago – The service already extremely popular in North America will be looking to grab a foothold in a market currently dominated on these shores by Lovefilm and Sky. Netflix is available on a number of platforms and devices, including the iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.

I signed-up for the free 30 day trial on launch day and wanted to share with you my initial thoughts on the service.

Sign-up is hassle-free and straightforward and you can cancel your subscription at any point during the free trial and not be charged – After the trial ends, the cost of the package is £5.99 a month.

Once signed-up, you have the option to select genres that interest you – This is a cool option, as based on your interests, Netflix will then start making suggestions for you – Of course you can also do the searching for content yourself.

Netflix on the iPhone and iPad has a great carousel style interface and finding content is easy and enjoyable. You have the option to link your account to your Facebook and this can be beneficial, as you can see what your friends are watching and what is currently popular.

Once you have decided on something to watch, streaming over wifi is instant and of excellent quality – The service also works over 3G, but the quality is dependent on the strength of your cellular signal.

What is the content like?

This will be a deal-breaker for some, as you won’t find the latest Hollywood blockbusters here or the ever popular HBO shows, as Netflix recently fell-out with the US network.

What you will find is diverse content, great films from through the years, popular TV shows such as 24, Prison Break and Dexter, British TV documentaries from the BBC and ITV and mind-numbing reality shows such as The Only Way Is Essex and The Hills.

One aspect I really like about the service is the ability to resume watching on a range of devices where you left off – For example you can watch part of a film on your iPhone and easily continue watching it on your iPad.

Having used Netflix for 3 weeks, I can say for me the Pros outweigh the Cons and I will definitely be keeping my subscription once the free-trial ends.


* Straightforward to sign-up
* Watch content on multiple devices
* Great intuitive user interface
* Excellent streaming quality over wifi
* Links with Facebook
* Competitive subscription price


* A lack of recently released films
* No HBO shows


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