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January 30, 2012


Tutorial – How To Create An iPhone Ringtone From One Of Your iTunes Tracks

by Colin Jones

Are you tired of the boring generic ringtones on your iPhone? Do you object to paying 99p to download a new one from iTunes? Would you like to create one for free, from one of your favourite songs in your iTunes library?

In this quick and straightforward tutorial, I will walk you through how to turn one of your iTunes tracks into a ringtone.

Step 1: Go to your iTunes library and select a song you would like to create a ringtone from. Once you have decided, right-click on it and select Get Info from the pop-up menu. From here choose the Options tab and tick the Start and Stop time boxes. Please note iPhone ringtones can only have a duration of 40 seconds, so select a 40 second section from within the song to use as the ringtone.

Step 2: Once you have decided on the Start and Stop times, click OK, then right-click on the track in the list and select Create AAC Version. You will now need to right-click on the new track and if you are using a mac, select Show in Finder. Windows users will need to click File, show in Windows Explorer. Now rename the file on the new track from .m4a to .m4r – At this point, you can click on the original track and return the Start and Stop times to what they were.

Step 3: Go Back into iTunes and right-click on the AAC track and select delete – However in the second pop-up box, choose Keep File – Now return to the file in the Finder or Windows Explorer and double-click on it to add it to your iTunes library.

Congratulations, you have now made your ringtone, click on Tones in the iTunes left sidebar and you will see your creation in all it’s glory.

Now let’s go about getting your ringtone onto your iPhone:

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to your Mac or PC – Click on your phone in the left sidebar and then go to the tabs across the top and select Ringtones. Tick Sync Ringtones and select all, then Apply. Once the sync has finished, the ringtone will be on your iPhone.

Step 2: Do you want to make your ringtone the new default tone on your phone? If so, on your iPhone tap on Settings, Sounds and then Ringtone. Your ringtone will appear in the list – Just tap on it to select.

Step 3: Maybe you want to assign your ringtone to a specific person? It’s easy to do, click on the Contacts app, scroll to the person you want to set the ringtone for, tap on their name and then Edit. Now tap the field for ringtone, select your ringtone from the list and then Save.

There you go, you have learnt how to create your own ringtone, how to sync it onto your iPhone and even how to assign it to an individual contact.

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  1. Jan 30 2012

    Love the posts, so easy to follow even I can use them, thank you 🙂

    • Colin Jones
      Jan 30 2012

      Glad you are finding them useful.


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