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January 29, 2012

iPhone App Review – Launch Center (App Cubby) £0.69

by Colin Jones

Do you want an easier way to load up the things that you do on your iPhone all the time? Maybe this is phoning your partner, texting your mum, emailing your boss, posting a tweet… If so, you should take a look at Launch Center developed by App Cubby.

Launch Center provides shortcuts to help you get to functions on your iPhone that you use the most.

Setting up Launch Center is easy and straightforward. The developers have done a great job in designing a UI that is both aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly.

Load up the app and you will see a list of shortcuts that are self explanatory in what they will do – Speed Dial, Text, Email and so on.

How do you set the app up to work for you?

Say you want a quick and easy shortcut to making a phone call to your partner – Press on Speed Dial, which will bring a list of your contacts up – choose your partner, press on their number, select done and your speed dial is set up. How easy was that? Now when you want to call your other half, you no longer need to go to the calls app, scroll through your contacts and find their name – Just fire up Launch Center and press call partner, with only 2 taps you will be making the call. This process can be done for as many of your contacts as you want on speed dial.

If you want to set up easy access to emailing or texting a contact, you go about doing it in exactly the same way – I told you this app was very user friendly didn’t I?

The functionality of Launch Center doesn’t end with these basic commands though. You can also set up shortcuts to view your Facebook with one tap or send a tweet. One of my favourites is the ability to turn on your iPhone’s LED flashlight with just one tap.

Another shortcut that I need to mention is the website option. Choose a site you visit a lot and set up a shortcut to it via Launch Center. You now will have one-touch access to the site without the need to fire up Safari, enter the URL or choose from your bookmarks.

Launch Center has been recently updated and now works really well with Apple’s Notification Centre on your phone, allowing you to now schedule tasks. Maybe you need to email your boss every Friday or call your dentist next Monday, the app will now assist you with a reminder.

Once again set-up is easy. Create the task and press on schedule, which will allow you to choose a date and a time. Now if you have chosen to call your dentist on Monday at 10, the app will give you a reminder via Notification Centre to do just that – Pressing on the notification will quickly take you to the phone app to make the call.

I have found using Launch Center to be both productive and enjoyable at the same time and it now sits in the dock on my home screen. If you need the functionality it provides, the capacity to create shortcuts for your most frequent actions, then it’s definitely an app to consider.


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