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January 28, 2012

iPhone / iPad App Review – Grid Lens (Bucket Labs) £0.69

by Colin Jones

Yesterday I discovered a new photography app which has instantly become one of my favourites. This is no mean feat, as I have over 30 photo apps on my iPhone! Regular readers of this site will know how much emphasis I place on what an app’s icon looks like – if it’s stylish and tasteful, there is a great chance the app will be the same and Grid Lens justifies my logic

From the gorgeous white icon to the artwork within the UI, this application screams style!

Grid Lens allows you to create grid images either from a single shot or multiple shots. You can also import images from your camera roll and albums to create grid images.

On loading the app, you will be met with a helpful on-screen tutorial, which is really straightforward and easy to follow. Once you get to know the basics, you will be creating great images in no time at all.

First of all decide on a grid, there are many preset options and even the functionality to create your own. In addition, there is the option to make the grid outlines any colour you want.

Once you have your grid sorted, choose from automatic or manual shooting (unless you are Importing images) – Automatic as the name suggests, will take all the grid photos for you at specific time intervals (these can be changed in the settings). If you choose manual however, you will have greater control. In manual you shoot all the individual frames yourself, by pressing within the frame.

There are also options to choose a single view lens or multi-view. Multi is really cool as it allows you to shoot an image from multiple perspectives, whereas single will split your image into frames.

If you want to import photos into your grid, it’s as easy as pressing within the individual frames and selecting your photos.

Once you have your image created, you can adjust how it looks by using one of the preset filters, which are the only disappointing aspect of the app. I have been saving my images to my camera roll and then editing through other applications with better presets, such as PhotoToaster.

As I have mentioned, you can save your creations to your phone or share them across the usual social networks.

For only £0.69p, Grid Lens is an essential download if you enjoy photography and editing on your iPhone or iPad 2 as the app is universal. The developers have created a stylish and well-rounded app that has far more usability and functionality than other grid photography apps such as Diptic. Go download it!

Below are some images created with the app, I have added certain presets to the photos from PhotoToaster.


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