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January 26, 2012

iPhone App Review – 2 Sugars (Edward Symington) £0.69p

by Colin Jones

Sometimes the best apps are the most simple ones. Once in a while, you discover or hear about an app and think genius and surprise in equal measure – Genius as its a great idea and surprise as nobody has thought of it previously. 2 Sugars is such an app.

Does making the tea or coffee at work fill you with dread? Do you fear going on the Starbucks run? Are you always forgetting who takes sugar and has milk in their drinks? Well worry no more, as you are about the master this laborious task. Do you have friends or family visiting on a regular basis and still find yourself constantly asking whether they take sugar or sweetener in their drink? Well if so, this app has you covered also.

2 sugars has an elegant interface and is extremely straightforward to use.

Load up the app and you will be on the People screen. To add a name, it’s as easy as pressing on the “+” icon. Once a name has been added, you will need to tap on it to be taken to the drinks screen.

Once on the drinks screen, you are given the option of selecting whether a person wants tea, coffee or other – However it doesn’t stop here, as you can then select whether they have milk in their drink and whether they take sugar or sweetener. For those awkward people, you know the ones, those who insist on wanting a skinny mocha with soya milk and organic sugar, have no fear – simply tap on other to add custom drink requests.

One nice feature is the “Something nice” option, tapping on this will select a random choice of drink for a person.

Once you have the drinks, tap to check it off your list.

2 Sugars is a well-crafted app, designed to do one thing and one thing only. After testing it out, I have to say it does it extremely well.


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