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January 22, 2012


iPhone / iPad App Review – PhotoToaster (East Coast Pixels) £1.49

by Colin Jones

I love editing photos and with the variety of fantastic photography apps available for both the iPhone and iPad, it has never been easier, even for a complete novice like myself. This is the beauty of the apps available, they enable you to create great looking snaps without the need to be a professional photographer or an expert in Photoshop.

Today I am going to share with you my favourite iOS photo-editing app, it is not the most famous, neither is it the most popular, but in my opinion it is the best.

Camera+ is without doubt the eminent photography app in the App Store and rightly so, as when it was released it was ground-breaking, easy to use and enabled you to create excellent photos – However for me it has lost it’s crown as the king of the iOS photography apps to the fantastic PhotoToaster, created by those excellent developers at East Coast Pixels.

PhotoToaster is great for both beginners and experts alike as it provides the user with 3 excellent editing interfaces.

For the novice there are the beautiful global presets, that really enhance your photos, unlike the effects found in many other editing apps. The presets are split into 3 categories: Basic, Deluxe and Supreme.

As the name suggests Basic is where you will find standard presets, maybe you want to make your image brighter, add a little warmth or convert it to classic black and white. The tune-up preset is particularly excellent.

In Deluxe, you start to get more sophisticated preset options such as giving your photo the Hollywood treatment with Vanity Fair or a fantastic Oil Painting look.

Supreme is where you will find my favourite presets, where you will be able to add depth of field to your snaps with Deep Focus, get that vintage vibe going with Hipster or add HDR which is great for landscape photos.

All of the global presets are live, so you will see how they will make your photo look instantly, without the need the click on them and then out of them if you don’t like what you see.

If the presets are not for you, then you can try the excellent category presets or just go straight-in and manually adjust individual settings. The app has excellent tools for cropping, rotating and straightening.

Liking what you have heard already? Or are you not convinced that you should fork-out £1.49 of your hard-earned for a universal app that will work both on the iPhone and iPad? If it’s the latter, you better read-on!

What if I also tell you that PhotoToaster has over 10 vignettes, textures such as stone, concrete and paper to enhance your photos and a multitude of great looking frames?

If social sharing is your thing, PhotoToaster has you covered with options to easily share your creations to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Tumblr.

In summary PhotoToaster is a must-have app for anyone who has an interest in photo-editing – whether you are a beginner just getting into the wonderful world of iPhoneography or a discerning professional looking for the power of manipulating your photos with specific tools.

Go download it now and get your creative mojo on! Check-out the gallery to see the app in action.

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  1. Jan 22 2012

    Completely agree with your assessment. Camera+ is a fantastic app. You get consistently good results.

    I just started using PhotoToaster and I really like the results I am getting. I have also become a SnapSeed fan. I have been using them in tandem over the last few weeks.

    Great post & thanks for sharing.

    • Colin Jones
      Jan 22 2012

      Thanks for the feedback, I love Snapseed too. I use it in combination with PhotoToaster and Camera+ all the time.


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