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January 20, 2012

After A New iPhone Case? Check Out The Case-Mate Chrome

by Colin Jones

What’s worse than not owning an iPhone? Covering your Apple device with a substandard case, that’s what! Why pay hundreds of pounds for a beautifully designed phone, only to then cover it with an ugly, cheap case? Admitttedly even some expensive cases are hideous, but as with a phone, you usually get what you pay for.

Ever since the first iPhone, I have been trying out cases, some good, some less so, but none have appealed to me so much, as to use them over a long period of time – All this changed after I discovered the Case-Mate Chrome for the iPhone 4 – 4S

This case is quite simply drop-dead gorgeous – From the classy, aesthetically pleasing chrome colour, to the metallic finish. Case-Mate have even gone the extra mile with the screen-protector, which has a mirrored effect, making the retina display on your phone really pop out at you, with an almost holographic effect. When the phone is in sleep mode, you can even use the protector as a mirror.

Check this case out, I cannot recommend it highly enough! See it on the Case-Mate website


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