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January 18, 2012


iPhone Accessory Review – Griffin iTrip DualConnect

by Colin Jones

There are literally thousands of accessories for the iPhone and separating the wheat from the chaff can be an arduous and thankless task.

When I am looking for a specific accessory to fulfil a certain task, I usually head over to, see which is the best selling and the most highly rated in the category and make a decision from there. I have found ratings on the site to be on the whole, balanced and fair.

My latest accessory, The Griffin iTrip DualConnect was bought after following this process.

I was looking for a way to play my iTunes library on my iPhone through the car radio and this small gadget does just that and to great effect.

Set-up is easy and straightforward, the first step is to download the accompanying free iTrip app from The App Store. Once downloaded you plug the DualConnect into the cigarette lighter in your car and the connector cable into your iPhone. Fire up the app, tap set-up and the app searches for the best available free FM frequency – Then all you need to do is search for that channel, press play on your iPhone or on the device itself and start to listen immediately to your music through your car radio.

Sound is well-rounded, but will depend on the quality of your radio – I found it to be more than satisfactory, unless turned up really loud, when there was noticeable distortion.

The device has buttons for play/pause, skip backward, go forward and can be easily controlled while driving.

In summary, I am more than happy with the device and no longer have to suffer the banal ramblings of UK radio stations such as TalkSport, when I am out and about in the car.

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  1. Feb 6 2012

    Thanks you dude !


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